Dr. Brodner Helps Veterans with VA NEXUS Letters

What Is a “Nexus” Letter?

In order to qualify for Veterans’ disability benefits, the Veteran must be able to show that a current condition or injury began during military service or was aggravated by experiences or exposures during that service. The VA requires medical evidence which shows a “nexus” or connection between what happened in the military and a current medical condition. 

Properly composing a Nexus letter involves a complex and thorough process in which Dr. Brodner reviews the Veteran's entire C-File including all DBQ and C&P exams, Service Treatment Records (STR), private medical records, all previous VA service-connection and DRO documents, and lay statements. He then uses findings from peer-reviewed literature and evidence-based medicine, combined with his over twenty-year experience as a practicing Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgeon and Sleep Medicine specialist, to write a Nexus Letter which effectively presents the Veteran's case and maximizes the chance of receiving deserved disabiliy benefits.

Review from a Veteran Client

Dr. Brodner,

Good news!  I received my VA Rating Decision today granting me Sleep Apnea secondary to Meniere’s.  This Decision is a direct result of your excellent IME Report.  Below is a copy of the Decision Explanation. 

VA Decision: Based upon the lengthy and detailed review and analysis provided by Dr. Brodner, we are granting service connection for the subject condition on a secondary basis at this time. Dr. Brodner is Board-certified in the fields of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, with a sub-specialty in Sleep Medicine. His credentials are impeccable. We note that Dr. Brodner states in his report that he had reviewed your entire C-file and other treatment records. In addition, he conducted a phone interview with you. Therefore, the medical opinion is considered credible and valid.




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